We turned to Luisa when we needed to renovate our corporate office. It worked out great. She found the right answers and perfect balance for satisfying and delighting all the stakeholders involved.

When clients visit, we can now put our best foot forward as we welcome them into our office. Our team is also very happy with the new environment.

Managing Partner Keyhole Software Chris DeSalvo

Over the last 5 years Luisa has designed for me on several projects, including my medical offices, country home, lake home and currently we are working together to design my dream retirement home.

As we began to work together, it didn’t take long for me to see how passionate she is about design. She has a deep knowledge of architectural history, furnishings and design styles. She takes the time to explain the process and design principles as we go, even creating helpful conceptual drawings at key stages of the design to help me gain confidence in the direction of the project.

Some of the best memories working with Luisa have been occasions when we lost track of time making improvements to the vision as Luisa drafted away and the meeting ran into the late evening. I really felt like the custom designs came to life right in front of our eyes, and covered the needs of my lifestyle perfectly.

When it comes to protecting the budget, Luisa is great to have in your corner. On many occasions she was able to find common sense ways to save money, and never by sacrificing quality or beauty of the design. Often the money saved in one area would allow me to take another area to the next level, something that really stood out as special.

Luisa has been a fantastic designer and a great friend. I can’t wait to see what the future brings as we complete the dream of my future retirement home.

Dr. Angeletti

Luisa is the bee's knees.

She is an extremely talented designer and has the amazing ability to understand what you want, make it better and make it happen with whatever budget you have. She's the type of person who will roll up her sleeves and will do whatever it takes to make sure that her work exceeds your expectations.

Luisa worked on our office and EVERYONE that walks in is so impressed by what we did with it. I would highly recommend her and can't wait to work with her on future projects!

Greenovate Construction Co-Founder Catalina Campos

I highly recommend Luisa. She did a great job on my office space. Originally, I didn’t feel the need to do much in the way of “design” of my office. After a recommendation of her services from a friend, I had Luisa come in and show me examples of what she could do. I was surprised at how good she made it look. She made a good office look great. I personally feel better coming into the office that looks so good. She did a great job!

Exercise Therapy of Kansas City Travis Perret

I worked with Luisa on a staging project for a beautiful home I was selling. Luisa was amazing to work with. For one thing she absolutely loves every minute of what she does and it shows up in her enthusiastic approach to each and every part of the process. She really knows her stuff. She knows periods, styles and she understands elements and principles of design, scale and balance, functionality and how to optimize space. I would literally have been lost without her on this project. On top of it all, she's a blast to work with AND she saved me a ton of money. You will love her. Thank you Luisa!!!

Property Investor Ariel

We had the pleasure of working with LP Design Details to makeover and furnish our Plaza condominium. Luisa provided her expertise all the way from paint colors, refurbishing of cabinetry and wood flooring, to furniture and accessories for our new home and lifestyle. She adeptly blended our traditional style with the modern lines of our high rise condominium building style. Of particular pride is the custom design and build entertainment center that is the focal point of our living area. Luisa designed a unit with details that incorporated architectural elements from other furniture pieces in our home and secured a quality carpenter to build out her vision. The end result exceeded our expectations.

Bret and Christy Wilson

Luisa Patterson staged my home. When my realtor stepped into my living room with the hardwood floors, the big mirror with the matching scones over the decorative fireplace, her mouth dropped open. She turned to me to say how surprised she was to see this kind of professional job. (You see, she had already told me that she knew how to stage houses), but when I saw her reaction I knew that Luisa and her experience as a professional designer had already exceeded her expectations.

About two days later my house was listed on the internet. I had three people look at it the first day. Later that evening my realtor called and said we have a young couple wanting to buy your home and they are paying asking price. Two days later I had a signed contract.

Patricia Andra